Slide stories is our business Telling

What we do

Photography speaks more than words. We always speak the language of the Customer, both for professional photography and for simple archive images.


Communication is entertainment and the “right” movie can make the difference. The right idea created in the perfect style and … within the budget!

Interesting content, easily understandable and affordable. Our specialty is to create content, then all you need is just a simple and pleasant dress and you’re done!

Telling a story through images is our job, therefore packaging, brochures, instantbooks. cookbooks, picture books, are our daily bread.



Food lovers

Good communication for better sales. Today more than ever, the investment in communication and advertising needs to be optimized to the fullest. Showcase your products and services in the best possible way is our job and our passion.

Our Clients

The team:

Maurizio, photographer by choice and vocation since 1977

Mattia, videomaker, graduated from Brera Academy